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Turn Back Time With The Retro Console

Turn back the clocks with this retro handheld console from Orb Gaming. It features a 2.2-inch LCD screen with built-in speakers. The cool console includes an amazing 200 8-bit games for nostalgia-inspired fun! Right, up, left, left, down, up. You know the score, it brings back the memories of those Saturday morning TV shows, where you’d see games on the TV and have a chance of winning some mediocre prizes. Unfortunately for most children their parents wouldn’t let anyone use the only phone in the house in case they got a call from a family relative. They never came and you’d shout the instructions to the TV in vain.

Not only is the console great to put to bed those deep psychological scares and years of pain, it allows you to play for hours on end, without having to change the game cartridge every time you wanted to switch games.

It’s cheaper than the latest PS5 without the online queues and hype. Let’s go all out it’s cheaper than an additional PS5 controller, any game, online pass and best of all it needs NO WiFi. Crazy Talk.

So go full-retro, switch off your WiFi, switch off your phone, write a note for the milkman, go buy a quarter of boiled sweets, lose a tooth and buy some 1p sweets and grab the retro consoler today. Unfortunately, you can’t order through mail order, so will just need to use the WiFi one last time to head over to Urban Outfitters.

Grab the console, grab your tin hat, unplug the WiFi and go retro! The Orb Retro Gaming Console costs £16 from Urban Outfitters


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