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Unique Easter Delights from SUPPER London

Chocolate conveyed to the door, anytime you choose.

‘Confection’ is good for the soul, and thanks to London’s only luxury on-demand food & beverage delivery service, SUPPER London, and partnerships with high-profile food retailers and leading restaurants, it means the most ‘eggs-clusive’ chocolate can now be delivered direct to the door this Easter. Unlike other food delivery services, SUPPER London’s technology-advanced Japanese bikes guarantee all orders – even the most delicate - arrive in perfect condition.

What’s more you can pre-order, or make a last-minute impulse purchase, then sit back and wait for the cocoa goodness to arrive, at your desired time. Here are a few delicious treats available through SUPPER London, to satisfy any chocolate craving, with a tap on its easy-to-navigate app.

Rapid delivery also means anyone living within 6 miles of Fortnum & Mason, the premium purveyor of fine food, can now taste its tempting treats, transported impeccably. So, if you are seeking something seductively scrumptious, look no further than the Piedmont Hazelnut & Blonde Chocolate Easter Egg (£35) or Six Eau de Nil Dark Chocolate Praline Eggs (£27.95), just two of its Easter offerings which can be ordered via SUPPER London.

A new partnership with Rococo Chocolates, known for its mix of characterful and sophisticated creations, enables SUPPER London to deliver its stand out Easter offerings, from multiple stores, across a huge swathe of London. Examples include a ‘Fluffle’ of cocoa rabbits (£13.95), perfect for nibbling on, or a smooth, comforting, Dark Whisky Egg (£35.95).

When only the absolute best French-themed Easter delicacies will do, chocolate made by the master, 3-Michelin Star chef Alain Ducasse, and his artisan chocolatiers is peerless. There’s a cornucopia of artistic delights to discover and SUPPER London ensures each detailed design is delivered in tip-top form.

From the fantasy creature, "Copinson" Chimera(£110) – part hen, rabbit and fish; a dark and milk chocolate homage to sculptors François-Xavier and Claude Lalanne – or stunning handcrafted, streamlined French Hen(£21) and sea-shaped creations, like The Crab (£39), to small bags of themed chocolate treats (from £12), made using antique moulds. There’s one to suit every palate.

Treat loved ones to the divine, iconic Pink Marc deChampagne Mini Truffle Easter Eggs (£25), from Britain’s first and finest chocolatiers,Charbonnel et Walker. Presented in a pretty pastel pink egg case, illustrated with playful rabbits and verdant spring flowers, they are a feast for the senses.

For those not keen on a classic chocolate egg, SUPPER London also delivers a range of Hummingbird Bakery delights – from large decorated masterpieces, to charming cupcakes. And for those looking for something completely different, there’s Cinquecento’s Nutella Bunny Pizza, where the cognoscenti relish authentic Neapolitan pizza, delivered fresh and piping hot, direct from the oven to the table.

This Easter, let SUPPER London deliver a festive ‘egg-stravaganza’, because when it comes to on-the-day food delivery, nobody does it better.