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Warren Wentworth announces Irish rose

South Coast based Indie-artist Warren Wentworth (BBC Introducing) charts fresh musical waters today and is marking the moment with the soulful and deliciously catchy single, Irish Rose.

This sunshine-soaked tale of long-distance digital lovers' brims with positive grooves then soars with its synth led musical hooks and riffs. Wentworth self-produced and played all the instruments on the track, but it is undoubtedly his skill as a songwriter that sets him on an altogether different trajectory than so many of his contemporaries. Irish Rose translates an experience all too familiar, the longing and need for human connection in the modern world. The result is Wentworth’s most intimate work to date. Straddling the line between introspective and anthemic.

“It seemed that all the gaps left by only knowing someone online, kind of get created in your own mind, and then you end up wondering how much of the relationship is actually real, or is it all just something that you just imagined it might be.”

This release is the first drop from a wave of new material from Wentworth, who spent the pandemic in sessions honing his sound and crafting a batch of songs that speak to the quiet, transformative power of shared experience, connection and the boundless potential of rock n’roll.

These sonic workshops have led to a body of work that announces Wentworth’s arrival as a vital voice and he will be connecting with audiences across the UK in winter 2021.

Irish Rose is released independently and is available to stream on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and Amazon Music from 30/07/21


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