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Weroad: London Are You Ready For A Pulse-raising Adventure?

From bungee jumping to sky walking, travel company will be taking Londoners on a wild adventure, all you have to do is hop in

  • WeRoad adventure travel company, will be giving people a taste of adventure by operating two adventure tuk tuks across London on 10 September – just hail one down

  • Londoners will be whisked away to secret locations to take part in a surprise pulse-raising activity such as bungee jumping or sky walking

  • The tuk tuks will be operating around Greenwich and Battersea

  • WeRoad organises once-in-a-lifetime experiences on travel tours around the globe

With international travel becoming more and more precarious (cancelled flight, anyone?) times are certainly tough for adventure seekers. For many, attempting to travel right now simply isn’t worth the risk, or the hassle and Brits are choosing to stay at home instead. But do you really need to jet off to experience a true adventure?

WeRoad, an adventure travel company that provides trips for groups of solo travellers to destinations across the globe, is offering the perfect cure for thrill-seeking Londoners with itchy feet.

For one day only, on 10 September, WeRoad will operate two adventure tuk tuks in Greenwich and Battersea, for absolutely anyone to hail down. The twist? If you jump in, you’ll be whisked off on a blood-pumping adventure. From bungee jumping in Battersea to tightrope walking at Go Ape to walking in the clouds across the Millennium Dome.

However, where you’ll be taken, only the rider will know… but one thing is for certain, you will be pushed out of your comfort zone and sent on a wild adventure in the capital, the perfect spontaneous activity for adrenaline junkies and to be honest, anyone who fancies a more exciting afternoon than having a pint in the pub. The initiative will give people a taste of the types of adventures they could experience on a WeRoad holiday.

WeRoad’s Co-Founder, Erika De Santi, said: “We want to give Londoners the opportunity to taste real adventure in the heart of the city. This is not for the faint-hearted; if you get in one of our branded tuk tuk’s, you will be pushed out of your comfort zone.

“On our organised tours, you’d expect to make friends and experience things that you’ve never done before. Seeing as there are a lot of issues getting abroad right now, we wanted to bring our unique and adventurous spirit to London. So, for one day only, we will be challenging people to do something crazy and exciting. Most people have not tried bungee jumping. And, if they have, I will bet that the majority of them wouldn’t have done one in central London.

“We can’t wait to see people’s faces walking over the iconic Millennium Dome, bungee jumping in Battersea or trying one of the other crazy activities we have up our sleeve.”

WeRoad’s holidays are made up of 90% of solo travellers, mostly aged mostly in their 30’s, looking to travel the world (without all the time-consuming planning), forming lifelong friendships along the way. Small groups of 8 - 15 people are fully immersed in new cultures, eating local cuisine and staying in guest houses, a truly authentic experience. Groups are matched based on their age and what kind of trip they’re up for - a relaxing escape or pulse-raising adventure. Couples and groups are also welcome.

And the trips on offer are numerous, whether it’s heading on a safari in Tanzania, hunting for the Northern Lights in Iceland or island hopping in Bali and the Gili Islands, WeRoad has organised group adventures to 100 long and short-haul destinations across nearly all continents.

Best of all? You barely need to lift a finger: all trips are specially designed to meet all WeRoaders needs. All anyone needs to do is arrange their flights, which aren’t included in the price of the holiday, because WeRoad wants to give flexibility to WeRoaders and doesn't want to force them to depart from an inconvenient airport or end up with inefficient layovers and impossible connections.


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