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19th Apparel

Independent street wear brands are one of the fastest growing sectors in the fashion industry. Once reason for this is the presence of social media, and one platform to be specific... Instagram. Instagram has helped brands build a platform from which they can grow their customer base from and it's such a a easy way to do this. You don't have to pay anything, you can get your friends to share your brand with their other friends. The platform offers so much for budding entrepreneurs including offering them a shop function on their page. One brand that is going to look to media platforms like Instagram to help grow their existence is 19th apparel.

Founded in 2020, the brand is still in it's very early days. The next couple of years are going to be testing. It's where the brand will officially find it's feet. Currently stocking 2 items in it's online the shop, there is still plenty of room for the brand to grow. One thing the brand has done very well is to make it clear what the brand is about, they have little bits of information on upcoming products including sweatshirts and caps to join there already released 2 tee's.

The '100% British and proud clothing brand', have placed themselves in a great starting position to drive forward. It will be interesting to see what their next collection drop will look like. This will truly give us an idea of what direction the brand will look to be heading in. It'll be easy for them to fall into a already very crowded industry,keeping your head above the rest to be noticed will be key. They've made a good start with their clean cut looking tee's and I have no doubt they will continue this with future collections.

Why dont you head over to 19th century now and check out the new founded brand!