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Over the last decade fashion has seen a major movement it what material we use, how they are sourced and making sure everyone is paid a fair price and as we continue to go down this way alternative materials are starting to be used and new ones found. There one material that is working its way up the ladder and it becoming very popular and thats cork. Cork Fashion is starting to spread it way over European cities and there is 1 brand that is right at the front of the Cork take over ARTELUSA.

ARTELUSA is a Portuguese fashion & lifestyle brand that makes its goods from Cork. Speaking to the brand asking them as to why they made the decision to go Cork based they told us, 'We are witnessing a moment when the world is waking up to what is ecological and offering sustainable alternatives. Natural raw materials, such as cork, are increasingly gaining the status of nobility and the admiration of an increasing number of consumers worldwide'. And it's true more and more brand are now looking to more sustainable materials as well as working practices. Being Portugal based does have it's advantages for the brand, with 736,000 hectares of cork oak area it puts them amongst the top 7 countries in the world of producers of cork.

What I find fascinating about the idea of using cork is how unique each piece looks and the wide range of products you can make with it. ARTELUSA stocks products like; Bags, Cork Leather Goods, Hat, Belts and even Tech covers (Phone Covers ect). Speaking to the brands founder about the ranges and the use of cork she told us, 'The nobility of Portuguese cork combines with the creativity and ingenuity of our Portuguese people, the result could only bear fruit in good taste', she then continued ,'let yourself be seduced by the original proposals of our designers, manufactured by our artisans in 100% natural, recyclable and biodegradable cork. Manufactured by hand from high quality natural cork. The variations in tones and textures are intentional, making each piece truly unique'. with such a unique material i feel you have to have passion for it and passion for the reason why you're using it and the passion just oozes out of this brand.

You can shop the full cork range from ARTELUSA over at