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Camden Queers Q&A

The Camden Queers is a performance that has been developed at the Camden People’s Theatre, as part of it’s 30th anniversary celebration festival The Camden Roar. This one-person performance explores queer history, the importance of representation, and the ways in which queer community can be built through art. We spoke with Mariana Feijó, the creator of the show, about it. 

Camden Queers

What happens in your show? How would you describe the journey that the characters go on?

My show is a one person performance, where the character goes on a journey of discovery of some more or less forgotten queer history and is inspired by her queer ancestors.

Your play is inspired by queer history - what brings you to talk about that and how would you describe your relationship with it? 

As a queer person born in the 80s, I had a long period of not seeing any queer people in any kind of media, and I think I’d have benefitted from having had access to stories featuring queer people. In addition to that, there’s a growing perception that queer identities are a new thing, and that it’s by hearing about them that people become them. I believe it’s important to show that we’ve all always been here, the LGBTQIA+, all of us, and none of it is a new, trendy thing.

What do you see the role of queer theatre being in the community?

I see it as one more opportunity to create connections between people that may as well come from different backgrounds and live different lifestyles, and are able to find common ground through creating and enjoying art.

How much of your own personal experience did you bring to the play, and how did you find the process of turning your experiences into art? 

As an immigrant in the UK, I found that a big way I find a sense of belonging is by diving into the histories of the communities in which I find myself reflected. I did and do that outside of the process of creating art, but have felt a need to share it with others more and more.

What was your favourite part of developing the play?

Finding connections between different real characters old and new, to be able to create a narrative is always very fun.

How has Camden influenced your own relationship to queerness in any way? What is the role of the area in understanding queer history?

I think it’s not obvious, or at least it wasn’t for me, that Camden has a lot of queer histories. We associated Camden with the punk movement and music, and never with queer histories. I think a cool realisation is that even when the histories are not obvious, they are there, and that there’s always community to be found everywhere.

How has been your experience as part of the CPT Camden Roar Festival?

Very good! It’s great to be able to meet other creatives in a safe environment to try new ideas.

Camden Queers will be performed at the Camden People's Theatre on the 16th June 2024. Tickets and more information can be found at Camden Queers is part of the Camden Roar, a theatre and performance festival celebrating 30 years of the Camden People’s Theatre – full programme and tickets at


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