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Cruel Clothing

After the year we have all had I think what's needed right now is positivity and what better way of doing than through fashion! As the world slowly comes out of there lockdowns and the end of the Covid-19 Pandemic is still far in to the future we are starting to see some light at the end of what has been a hoffric time for mst people. But there is one fashion brand that has been bringing the positivity to the world through their fashion garments and their charitable giving - Cruel Clothing.

Founded in March 2019 in Bern, through a group of 5 Founders Cruel Clothing might be the new guys on the block but they are making a huge difference globally already. The Switzerland based brand boasts a a small but stylish range of tops for men and women featuring some niche designs.

Speaking to the brand's founders about the styles and designs of their garments they told us, 'We try to represent the diversity of our generation today, trough our creativity and passion for this brand'. Talking about the differences between their collections they continued by saying, 'With every collection we bring a fresh wind into the fashion world and always try to incorporate new elements'. Showing elements of what a successful brand looks like just 21 months into their journey.

Cruel clothing isn't just all about the clothing though the brand have an initiative running right through it's veins making an impact globally already. With each item sold the brand are donating funds to help buy food for those unfortunate through a world food programme. Speaking about their charitable giving the brand said, ' We also try to have a positive influence on the world and to change the current circumstances by buying meals for children in need trough the world food programme, for every item that we sell'. A truly noble thing for the brand and it's founders to do. A Huge credit to them all.

One the brands website they say 'Cruel clothing is for everyone!' and after seeing this brand and learning more about their clothing and what they stand for I don't think I have ever agreed with a brands statement more than I dow ith Cruel clothing. It certainly is a brand you should be checking out and you can check their latest range over at Now!


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