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Discover the magic of nature with the Secret Garden Distillery's Gin Garden & Distillery Tours

The Secret Garden Distillery, which creates hand-harvested natural gins from their very own botanical garden, is re-opening their gardens to visitors for their Gin Garden & Distillery Tours.

The Distillery’s Secret Garden has over 600 naturally and sustainably grown varieties of herbs and plants, including a wide range junipers, angelica and a dedicated apothecary rose garden. All plants are lovingly cultivated and hand harvested to ensure the highest quality. The botanicals are dried naturally at 37 degrees, distilled and then bottled at 39% ABV as they believe this is best for the floral flavours to harmonise with the gin. The garden is maintained with no chemicals – they only use plants to heal plants. They also ensure nature gets its fair share, and currently leave a percentage of plants unharvested to create wildlife habitats to feed and encourage wildlife and allow their 11 colonies of bees to have their fill too.

The Garden tours provide visitors with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature and learn about all the different botanicals in the garden. The tour ends with a tasting session of their award winning gins in the Gin Lounge. The gins on offer are a true reflection of the artistry of the Distillery, showcasing unique tasting gins full of natural flavours and aromas with no added sugars, artificial colourings, flavourings or additives.

Hamish Martin, Founder of the Secret Garden Distillery, said: “Nowhere else in the world has a gin garden and distillery on site as we do here. We’re incredibly proud to show that we grow and pick our own botanicals before drying and distilling them to perfection, to obtain that distinctive natural flavour. It’s incredible to see nature in action! Everything we do here is done with love, and we’re excited to welcome back our fellow gin lovers so that they can witness the magic of nature and how we work with her to create these special gins. We hope people are blown away by what they see, smell, taste and learn on these tours.”

Tours are available from 22nd May, every Saturday and Sunday at 12:30pm and 2:00pm. Tickets are available from The Secret Garden Distillery website and cost £15 per person, which includes a full tour of the garden and distillery, and a tasting of the Secret Garden Range in the Gin Lounge.


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