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Edward Mongzar

Edward Mongzar the brand. namesake of its Founder is rapidly becoming a popular name in the luxury women's fashion industry. The Woman's fashion brand creates ready - to wear womenswear, all elegant, all stunning and all luxury.

The UK based fashion label launched by Edward creates beautiful garment all handcrafted and ethically conscious pieces. Designer Mongzar was born in the state of Nagaland in north-east India, he then later moved to the UK where he learnt his craft at the Birmingham City University, where he graduated in MA Fashion Design. This was just the start of what would lead him to launching his own label.

Mongzar is know for his famous marbling, representing Edward's core beliefs as a designer. he says ,'The gentle swirls of the marbling, juxtaposed with the unpredictability of the dye, represent his belief that womenswear should be soft and gentle, as well as freeing and liberating'. Clearly a proven popular design for the fashion designers clients. With views that the marble process offer the ideal representation of the 'live and let live, 'with the water and dye acting independently but coming together to create something beautiful'.

Marbling might be something you see in high street fashion, so seeing it being such a prominent design for a luxury brand is a little 'out of the ordinary', but it is out of the ordinary that makes you stand out and when you get it as right as Edward Mongzar has here you can see he has successfully brought the art marbling and luxury fashion to the industry. Marbling the fabric himself the pieces boast that personal touch.

As we always talk about with brands, sustainability is a huge part of designing, when your a brand whos been working the same processes for the last 50 years or you run fashion fashion, its going to be a lot harder to offer ethically conscious pieces, but Edward has, strong beliefs in being ethically conscious and maintaining a sustainable approach within the label. Sharing examples of how his brand does this including; Recycling water used to dye his fabric, cutting the use of electricity where it really isn't need and drying the pieces in natural heat. They are all conscious of the supply chain and make sure who they are working with are treating their workers fairly.

It's clear to see this is more than just a brand, from the designs to the sustainability this brand has manged to get everything perfect. Stocking outfits for any time of the day and for any weather, it's got you covered all year long!

You can check out the full collection from Edward Mongzar over at

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