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NOJO London

It's the start of the new year and the first month always brings the popular 'Veganuary' throughout the whole month many people adopt a Vegan diet in an effort to be more sustainable for the planet. Over the last 3/4 years the world has seen a substantial growth in not only Vegan brands (food and non-food brands) but also growth in the quality of the taste of vegan foods. One brand helping to lead the charge in the Vegan food market is NOJO London.

NOJO London is a Vegan & Gluten free sauce brand helping to improve the flavour of your Vegan dishes. An Independent & female-owned business, founder Simona has built the brand up in a short space of time to be one of the big players in the Vegan sauce market. Nojo currently stocks 6 different flavour sauces including; Teriyaki Sauce, Sesame Sauce, White Miso Sauce, Orange Poke Sauce, Yuzu Salad Sauce & Tahini Noodle Sauce.

It's incredibly clear to see that to Simona and her team the brand isn't just a business or a job, it's a passion. It's something that they believe in and use on a weekly basis. The award winning selection of Sauces from NOJO London are available to buy from, amazon & Ocado online and in-store at Whole Foods Market.

Speaking to Simona about the brand and what she is hoping to achieve she told us, 'We are on a mission to create incredible tasting products, without impacting the environment - they are GMO-Free, plastic-free and a certified B corporation.' She continued, 'From ramen to stir fry, salads, to sandwiches, your customers can now easily make vegan recipes that taste sensational, simply by adding a healthy splash of NOJO - a saucy sidekick.'

The brand boasts a collective appeal being Vegan & Gluten Free. On top of this the NOJO London's products have no additives or artificial flavours. The brand isnt just offering you a plant based diet it also ensures the brands practices are sustainable meaning you are truly helping to save the planet when choosing this brand against another which isnt sustainable. Something that more and more people are more consious of.

So make sure you add some flavour to your Veganuary 2022 and beyond by using NOJO London and if you are looking for effortless plant based recipes check out nojō london reels