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R. Burnett Brand

Watches can be an iconic fashion statement. With a huge divide between the 'big boys' and the mass producers. There is one things you always find when looking in depth with any brand - not just watch brands, and thats the story - the support and the direction the founder/s want to take the brand to another level. Let's be clear being a mass produced brand doesn't make you unsuccessful but what it can do is take away that luxury element to the brand. There is one US watch brand which has a very unique story but one that'll help them to succeed, R. Burnett Brand.

R. Burnet Brand is a Luxury Wooden Watch brand with a some-what unique story. Founded by Richard Burnett Jr in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA in 2019. Richard didnt always aspire to own a Luxury Wooden Watch brand he openly admits it wasn't his 'life-long dream'. It was more of something that came to him as an idea and some may argue the timing of launching his brand helped. A week after launching R. Burnet Brand, Richard was fired from his full-time job something Richard told us took a 'toll on him', but then he had a realisation he said,'it was a choice between sink in sorrow or swim for glory'. You guessed it Richard decided to swim.

Richard describes himself as a 26-year-old black male, entrepreneur, and active member of Next Generation Pioneers, a non-profit organization in Baton Rouge, Louisiana (which is where he was born). Being apart of the Next Generation Pioneers & an entrepreneur - I guess you could've predicted that he was always going to come up with a a great idea he could make his own and drive in to the future. Once R. Burnet Brand was established Richard found his love and passion for watches grow evermore. It was right at the start where he turned his focus to the small details in his pieces. His aim was to display distinguishing quality in every aspect. Speaking about the pieces his brand produces he told us, 'R. Burnett Brand isn’t only a well-crafted watch, but also a lifestyle built on the principle of succeeding beyond measure and breaking through limitations, in style'.

When launching you own brand it's always good to have the support of your friends and family, something Richard is proud to share. This is always going to have a positive influence on your moral and your business, when support is shown.

The Luxury watch brand boasts a phenominal range of wooden watches for both men and women. They also stock a range of Apple Watch straps too. The innovation in the designing of this pieces is something Richard and his team should be immensly proud of. Wooden watches is a market that has been growing slowy especially in Mainland Europe but very few to the quality and the finesse Richard has produced them to with his brand R. Burnet Brand.

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