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Smeg's all-new hand mixer!

Smeg has recently launched its latest kitchen gadget, the HMF01 Hand Mixer. Combining years of culinary expertise and design experience, this all-new 1950’s retro-style appliance is a must-have in any budding baker’s repertoire.

The neat, compact design is the ultimate model for those with limited kitchen space. Whether you’re an aspiring baker or even enjoy cooking up a storm in the kitchen, this small but powerful 250W appliance offers all the features you need to whip cream, mix up batters and small batches of dough.

The Hand Mixer packs a number of exciting features into its sleek design with a focus on function and accessibility so users can whisk away with ease. Included are three attachments: wire whisks, beaters and dough hooks, plus a cloth storage bag for their safe keeping.

The most notable element of the model is its nifty backlit LED screen that displays the chosen speed as well as a handy timer, showing both minutes and seconds, for ease and accuracy when whipping up new recipes and closely following instructions - no more over beaten eggs or under whisked meringue!

Priced at just £149, the hand mixer is available at


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