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Sterling Pacific – Uncompromising Aluminum Suitcases

We all enjoy going on a vacation – there is no better feeling than going to sleep knowing the next day you'll be boarding that plane and before you know it soaking up the sun or taking in those breathtaking city views. There's often one thing about traveling that gets overlooked – something people don't invest enough in: your travel companion, your suitcase. If you're thinking about changing that and making an investment into a trusted companion for years to come, do not overlook the uncompromising aluminum suitcases from Sterling Pacific.

With business and vacation travel expected to bounce back big this summer, so is Sterling Pacific – a Reno, NV., based company with 113 years of rich history offering premium aluminum luggage. Recently the company received a cash infusion by the global brand developer Galton Voysey, and is now poised for growth in what is expected to be a significant growth market as pent-up demand for travel sees more people traveling across the world.

A brand with a rich history

The origins of Sterling Pacific date back to June 1907 when Richard Herz and his sons Carl Otto and Rudolph, who were natives of Leipzig, arrived in Nevada and registered the company after years of travel having worked in Dresden, Vienna, Budapest and London before making the journey across the Atlantic. Remembered as true Nevada pioneers, the Herz family built their business, originally named R. Herz Bro, Inc. to become a local staple over decades.

“The backstory of the Herz family, who traveled through Europe before eventually landing in Reno to start their company is a story that really intrigued us,” said Galton Voysey in a company statement. “The family built a reputation that lasted generations developing precision, quality products with unmatched customer service. Exactly the kind of qualities we seek out.”

The range offered by Sterling Pacific is one of luxury and sophistication. Something users can rely on time and time again, the suitcases are often seen as not just a trusted travel companion but an investment. The suitcases, which range in price from $1,295 to $1,795, are the result of a collaborative effort of a team of American and European engineers & designers. No expense has been spared throughout the construction of the suitcase, and the use of plastics has been minimized to create a true full aluminum travel case.

It's clear to see quality has been at the forefront of the design of these bags, with attributes of their cases boasting; ● More protection – Aluminum bags offer better protection for the contents of your bag. ● Weatherproof – Ever land in a driving rainstorm and have to wheel your bag through the rain? The Sterling Pacific bags will keep your contents dry no matter what the weather is at your destination. ● Predictability – Aluminum suitcases are what they are. You won’t be told you overstuffed your bag and have it checked in because it didn’t meet a size guideline. ● Distinctive – It’s easy to locate your bag as an aluminum suitcase offers a unique, professional, and stylish look. You are likely to turn some heads at the airport.

You can shop the Sterling Pacific luggage range over at


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