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Stress Replaces Sweet Dreams As Brits Struggle To Sleep

New research from Novotel shows 82% of Brits have trouble sleeping. Novotel launches Sleep Story™ ‘The Aeronauts’ in partnership with Calm to help guests switch off and relax in time for World Sleep Day.

After two taxing years for millions of people, stress has replaced sweet dreams as 82% of Brits reveal they struggle with their sleep.

Ahead of World Sleep Day (18 March) the importance of sleep on emotional and physical wellbeing has never been clearer. However, a new study by hotel group, Novotel, indicates the high level of sleep disruption suffered by Brits.

Stress is cited as the number one cause of bad sleep, with 45% of Brits struggling to get to sleep or waking in the night due to stress. The pressures of daily life and work worries are a major factor for millions as 42% of Brits have actively tried to improve their work life balance by prioritising sleep and trying to ensure they get a healthy amount of sleep each night.

On average Brits go to bed at 10.30 p.m. and wake at 7.24 a.m., however the research indicates not all nine hours in between are restful.

The research by Novotel found 85% of those polled are keen to explore tried and tested avenues to help them sleep better, such as reading before bed, listening to music, using a meditation app or listening to sleep stories.

Launched in time for World Sleep Day, Novotel has released a new Sleep Story™ ‘The Aeronauts’, in partnership with Calm, the #1 App for Sleep, Meditation and Relaxation™, to help Novotel guests sleep better and wake more rested.

Emlyn Brown, global vice president, well-being for Accor, Novotel’s parent company said: “Sleep is the most important part of our daily life and the one factor that can most effect our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. It is remarkable how undervalued the importance of sleep has become, especially with the growing pressures of work and daily life. The Novotel research revealed the scale of the problem, which effects 82% of Brits, but also found that 85% of Brits are actively trying to improve their sleep. Sleep is essential for productivity, mindfulness, wellness and happiness. Sleep is essential for people who take both their physical and mental health seriously”.

Providing guests with comfort that goes beyond the hotel bed, Novotel’s innovative partnership with Calm is designed to alleviate sleep issues that affect much of society today through meditation and relaxation. The adult sleep story will encourage hotel guests to make time to switch off from the day’s activities and improve the quality of their sleep and life.

Voiced by actress Anna Acton, ‘The Aeronauts’ tells the story of a hot air balloon ascending over the UK, before travelling on to explore picturesque destinations around the world – covering many locations in Novotel’s own hotel portfolio.

The Sleep Story™ is available through a QR code at hotel reception via the Novotel x Calm Mini App, which has been designed exclusively for Novotel guests to enjoy sleep stories, music, meditation and other content, aiding in their wind down from the day’s activities and encouraging a better sleep routine.

To find out more and to download the Novotel x Calm Mini App, please visit:


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