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The watch has been a iconic staple of fashion as the decades have passed and it leaves people asking why? The biggest shift in the watch market was the introduction of the digital watches and I dont mean just a digital time I mean the introduction of smart watches but remove the smart watch and not much has changed, yet the watch still remains a popular wear by many all over the world. Watch brand Tayroc might actually have the answer as to why this is. The brand acknowledges the purpose of a watch (to tell the time), they acknowledges the fashion element to watches and the fact they can make a statment. But Tayroc ask the question 'What if it’s a slice of personality?' and we think they've opened up a very intresting converation so we spoke to the brand to find out more about Tayroc.

Where do you begin when looking at creating new watch designs?

The team and I are constantly looking at trends across the watch and accessories landscape. Our consumer base is international, so we’re considering all territories during our research. As we continue to develop our brand we are working on collaborating with other businesses too – so scoping out relevant partners is also part of the process.

Where did the motivation come from to launch your own watch brand?

We can’t take the credit for starting the brand – we acquired the business in April 2020. The business was set up in 2014 and run by 2 sets of brothers based in the Midlands, UK. Our day to day motivation for the brand now is to bring beautifully designed and produced product, to our Tayroc fans at an accessible price point with value that over exceeds expectation.

How did you go about launching your own brand?

The boys started off small, only launching 1 or 2 styles at a time. They were hugely successful in their social media efforts and saw great success with ‘influencer’ partnerships which helped them to grow the social media following. (@tayroc on Instagram)

Your online store stocks other brands, how do you go about selecting the brands you work with?

Our team has extension background in working for and with brands. The criteria for brands to join us is clear – to be an independent, unusual accessories brand that would like to benefit from our (circa 1m) audience. The team are reaching out to brands directly and engaging with them to explain how we can work together.

The watch industry is a very busy one, how do you stay ahead of your competitors?

We have a great social media following and like to engage with our followers, we also showcase each member of the team and their personalities and interest to show the human side of the brand.

What effect has Covid-19 had on your business?

We’ve truly missed being able to have our team together, we are so focussed on our people – both our customers and our team so not being able to be face to face so regularly has affected us on a personal level – screen calls just aren’t quite the same for collaborating. In addition, like many others - we’ve not been able to travel, and whilst we’re in the process of building an international network of agents, distributors, suppliers it’s unusual to be starting new relationships without meeting in person. We are certainly looking forward to being able to safely travel again in future and introduce Tayroc to new eyes.

What does the future look like to Tayroc watches?

We’ve got plenty of plans in work, there’s new international stockists popping up, collaborations to look forward to, partnerships with styling businesses, subscriptions and loads more than watches!

You can shop the full collection from Tayroc over at