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The Seafood Bar Announces £1 Oyster Happy Hour

The Seafood Bar is delighted to announce a new £1 Oyster Happy Hour. On offer, every day from 3pm to 5pm seafood lovers can feast on a selection of decadent oysters in the heart of Soho.

Whether you are new to sea-inspired dishes or are a seafood gourmand, there is something for everyone at The Seafood Bar and their delicious oysters are the perfect introduction to one of Amsterdam's most-loved seafood restaurants.

As well as being delicious, oysters really are also a sustainable hero and they can filter 100-200 liters of water a day and in doing so help purify entire estuaries. The Guardian reassures that “this doesn’t mean it’s in any way “dirty”, farmed oysters are regulated and grown in clean water systems, so there’s no need to worry about their purity; in fact, much like fine wine, they take on the characteristics of their terroir and grow rich in nutrients, including vitamin B12, magnesium and zinc”.

As well as being ecologically and economically one of the best things to eat, oysters also have huge health benefits including being; boosting immune system, improving brain function, great for eyes, skin and heart health.

Sustainable seafood is at the heart of The Seafood Bar and oysters are considered one of the most sustainable foods available. How better to start the year than by dining on sustainable and healthy oysters for a fraction of the cost.

About The Seafood Bar:

September 2021 saw the arrival of The Seafood Bar to the heart of London’s restaurant scene, within a 1730 Grade II listed Georgian townhouse on the iconic Dean Street, Soho. This is the family-run restaurant group’s fifth site, and their first international venture outside the Netherlands. This award-winning restaurant group, famous for its long waiting lines, offers guests the freshest seafood, without the high price tag.

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