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The True and Elegant Movement

From the finance industry to the fashion industry is been a big career change for Carl-David Hagerbonn the founder of The True and Elegant Movement otherwise known as TREEM.

TREEM is a jewellery brand boast collections in Necklaces, rings and probably what is their focus product bracelets. On launching the brand the goal was to create a brand that was 'sustainable and ethical' and was 'designed aiming at creating inner strength to the wearer', so that the brand would in the future not just be making a difference to peoples style but the whole world. Brand owner Hagerbonn says,'The company rests on three important pillars; sustainability, equality and good working conditions, three factors that 99% of the industry unfortunately doesn’t care about as per today'.

The collections all showcase 'Raw Elegance' inspiration from 'The expression of raw elegance' alongside inspiration from the Nordic nature with it’s 'fantastic fields, forests, sharp rivers and lakes.' Everything about this collection truly screams elegance. Each piece offering a timeless design, giving the impression of who ever wears it being a strong, bold character whist up holding a upper class feel to it. Alongside the Nordic nature inspiration there is hints of Nordic mythology with some pieces featuring Thor's double hammer - which again abides by the strong, bold feeling this collection gives you.

There is something about this brand that just shines raw elegance... The pieces show beauty and strength the perfect balance in a brand that offers such a sophisticated pieces. You can get your hand on their latest collection AURORA where prices start at just £82.00 over at

You can see some of the pieces featured in the newly launched Hinton Shop. Why not head over there now and check it out. Hinton Shop

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