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Veganuary 2022: Holy Carrot x Seaspiracy seas the day!

Goodbye festive excess, hello Veganuary! This might be the time to eat more consciously, but it doesn’t mean tucking into bland, boring food. Pioneering, Knightsbridge based, vegan restaurant Holy Carrot always excites, thanks to its delicious, innovative menus and its new, exciting collaboration with SEASPIRACY is no exception.

During January, order the Seaspiracy ‘Seafood’ Platter and dive into an ocean of flavour. It features truly sustainable ‘seafood’ - where plant-based alternatives are the catch of the day. Although free from gluten, refined sugar, preservatives and additives, it is a ‘so-fish-ticated’ voyage of sensory discovery – a taste-packed sensation. With 20% off each seafood platter sold going to support Seaspiracy’s fight to save aquatic life, it not only tastes good, it does good.

Holy Carrot x Seaspiracy ‘Seafood’ Platter – (4th - 29th January 2022) - £14 single dish / £28 sharing platter for two

The platter introduces an iconic mix of ‘fish’ and ‘shellfish’ favourites. It features a concerto of ‘Calamari’ made with Palm hearts and buffalo sauce; tantalising ‘Tuna’ Maki created with Cauliflower rice and tomato ‘tuna’, and a subtly spicy tartare of ‘Scallop’ Maki. There’s also freshly ‘caught’ Tofish, paired with crunchy Chips which are given extra zing by an aromatic Bergamot sauce, whilst a ‘Crab’ Croquette, with creamy Caesar sauce, is an umami delight. A picture perfect and distinctive Black Rice Tartar, with tomato ‘tuna’ and spicy mayo, completes the line-up of the freshest ‘fish’ on dry land. It’s sure to make anyone ordering it as happy as a clam.

Seaspiracy is an organisation working to highlight the need to save our oceans, by eating consciously and sustainably. The hugely harmful impact of commercial fishing to marine life was highlighted – for the first time – by its eye-opening, impactful Netflix documentary, which aired earlier this year. Its eating ethos is echoed by Holy Carrot, whose use of ethically sourced, seasonal and organic British produce, prepared mindfully, is designed to offer its diners a new, exciting way of looking at vegan food. This collaboration between the two synergetic brands highlights how by ‘trawling’ the land, rather than the sea, it’s possible to create dynamic, tasty food that doesn’t harm the environment.

Seaspiracy’s Ali Tabrizi explains, "The single most effective solution we can all be part of everyday, to protect the natural world, is to shift to a plant-based diet. Together we can take delicious action to make the planet thrive once again."

With climate change, sustainability, ethical eating, health and nutrition high on both the political and personal agenda, why not try plant-based food this Veganuary? A trip to Holy Carrot is a wonderful way to dip a toe into the water and the Seaspiracy ‘Seafood’ Platter is a ‘clawsome’ place to start.


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