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Virtual Fashion Try-On Company Launches Tool to Set Up AI

Virtual try-on creators, Zyler, has released a website plug-in product, “Zyler Go”, which lets retailers add virtual try-on to their site in minutes.

Leading augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) fashion tech solutions provider, Zyler, today introduced a new way to implement virtual try-on into any retailer website with ease.

The newly introduced plug-in feature automates the integration process, meaning that retailers can almost instantly add the virtual try-on experience to their website. With just a couple of lines of code pasted into a new webpage, fashion retailers can allow customers to see themselves in outfits with just a headshot and basic measurements.

To get set up, retailers provide Zyler with an image of a model wearing the clothes that they wish to be enabled for online try-on. Zyler’s dedicated team will work with the images to prepare them for try-on. Once this is completed, Zyler Go will appear on the website, so customers can see the item of clothing on themselves while shopping.

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