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What does your outfit say about your drink choice?

An amusing poll reveals we ‘wear what we drink’ – Brits’ pair what they expect to see people wearing as they down their favourite tipples this August Bank Holiday.

In a study by VIN CROWD, 2,000 Brits were asked to pair drinks they most associated with certain ‘looks.’

Tequila shots were mostly linked with festival fringed shorts, while a sophisticated maxi dress was likely to be paired with an over ice ‘G n T’ – hilariously jogging bottoms and a hoody was the face of a classic glass of white wine.

Getting ready for drinks this summer, nearly 60% of Brits confessed they planned a ‘new look’ for restrictions lifting last month, whether it be a new wardrobe of clothes, weekly visits to the beauticians or a brand-new hair style.

Across the UK women (83%), and men (41%) alike have been spent the last month splurging on preening.

As social distancing becomes a distant memory and socialising amps up, the poll ranked Newcastle-upon-Tyne was the city in the UK that was the most likely to spend on a beauty overhaul this Summer.

Hot on its (new) heels, was the Brummies (Birmingham) and Mancunians (Manchester), with Liverpool and Cardiff predicted to be the top five most glam cities this August bank holiday.

Research by drinks brand VIN CROWD, found around 20% of people across the UK had their hair done to mark the three-day break – with Geordies (Newcastle) the most likely to visit the salon (28%) before Friday.

Desperate to get their style back after a year in sweatpants, just under 40% of Brits confessed to having a splurged on their wardrobe this summer, with the Mancs (Manchester – 39%) and the Brummies’ (Birmingham – 39%) being the keenest shoppers in a bid to look good.

However, despite the desire for style, just over third (39%) of Brits believe they will now dress more casually when they go ‘out-out’ – with women leading the way (44%) swapping their ‘cocktail heels’ for ‘pint of beer’ trainers.

Helping people to get prepped for summer picnics and this weekend’s festivals, VIN CROWD is the delicious tipple straight from the can.

Drinks expert, Fiona Nicholls from VIN CROWD, said: “In the last 18months we have all missed getting together with our friends and family – so with the heatwave forecast for this weekend, this August bank holiday we anticipate people will be making the most of getting their crowd together.

“As our research shows, every drink has an occasion! We have teamed up with Nasty Gal to help people create their own party vibe with a can of spritz and a whole new wardrobe. It’s time to toast the summer.”

This Summer VIN CROWD is teaming up with online clothing retailer Nasty Gal for an on-pack promotion. The Nasty Gal collaboration will offer consumers the chance to win seasonal themed prizes and provide VIN CROWD shoppers with up to 10% discount for the clothing webstore.

VIN CROWD is currently available in Co-op.

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