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Withings Hybrid Smartwatch

Even though the tradition wrist watch has stood the test of time you can help but pay attention over the last decade of the significant rise in 'Smartwatches'. A Smartwatch is a watch that can connect to your phone or tablet through bluetooth. Many of the producers design it around fitness, including applications you download on your phone that takes data from the watch during your daily exercise. One brand who have positioned themsleves in a strong position to rival the media giants is Withings with their Hybrid Smartwatch.

Withings - A French consumer electronics company, launchhed the first ever 'Hybrid' Smartwatch in the world. The sleek designed watch boasts some top tech features including;

Watching your Health

The watch helps your keep an eye on your health with a downloadable app that connects straight to your phone. The app gives you a detailed overview of your daily exercising. It also includes a built in heart monitor giving you 24/7 readings. Helping you track your daily activities the watch can recognize whether you are walking, running, swimming (water resistant to 50M) or sleeping.

It's fair to say this watch is a dream for those who are into their fitness. But even if you aren't really the athletic type this watch could still be for you. With a 25 day battery life this watch could become apart of your everyday life with its smart notifications feature, alerting you when you get new calls incoming and messages too.

Coming in two different versions; The classic Timeless Tech or the Sport Extra Metrics the Hybrid Smartwatch is completely customizable in case, size and colour giving you your perfect watch design. Prices for this wearable tech start at just $179.95 putting it at a much lower price than some of the biggest competitors in the market.

Gadget Overview

Overall the Withings Hybrid Smartwatch is pretty impressive peice of tech. It's made its place on the market very clear, although it can attract those who arent into fitness it will be very popular with those who are into it. With some of it's tip features including; Heart rate monitoring, Activity Tracking and Sleep Monitoring its perfect for those who exercise on a daily basis or those who like to go even further with the conditioning of their bodies who track sleeping patterns ect.

Putting all of the above alongside the attractive price and the fact it's customizable it is really something that is just going to fly off of the shelves.

Why not get yourself a customized Withings Hybrid smartwatch today? Just head over to today!

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