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Fatherson Bakery launches Limited Edition Easter cakes range Honestly made

Fancy something homemade this Easter? To celebrate this year’s Easter Sunday, why not treat yourself and your loved ones to one of Fatherson Bakery’s new Easter cake range which include Mini Easter Cupcake Platters, Easter Cupcake Platters, Simnel Cakes, Seasonal Cupcakes and NEW for this year – Easter fairycakes.

Award-winning and known for creating delicious food that is honestly made, the new Easter cakes range will be in-store from 27th March across the UK, including the Spar, Co-Op, Budgens, Londis, Nisa and many national and independent Garden Centres, Farm Shops, Forecourts and grocery retailers. It will also be available online

Renowned for creating a ‘taste of homemade’ when it comes to bakery innovation, the Easter cakes range from Fatherson Bakery uses ‘best in class’ quality ingredients that are all locally sourced. Lovingly made by Fatherson artisan bakers, with a tried and tested Fatherson ‘owned secret’ recipe, the Easter cakes range features fresh ingredients to replicate the same much-loved baking practices used in the home kitchen.

The Fatherson Bakery Easter range includes:

Indulge with a delicious handmade treat this Easter – with a choice of chocolate and vanilla Easter fairy cakes from the award winning Fatherson Bakery. Topped with mini egg or cholate flakes.

RRP: £3.50

Fatherson Bakery Mini Cupcake Easter Platter x6

Delcious mini homemade treats for you and your family, with plenty of cupcakes to share around. Victoria sponge cakes, generously topped up with mouth-watering icing and either a chocolate mini egg or choclate flake. RRP: £4.99.

Fatherson Bakery Cupcake Easter Platter x12

If you have a sweet tooth, then look no further than these scrumptious cupcakes, which comes in a beautifully presented 12 cupcake platter. Topped with butter cream icing, yellow or green, and finished with chocolate curls, egg or flake. RRP: £7.99

Simnel Cake

This Easter light fruit cake is the perfect Easter treat if you’re looking for something a little more traditonal, with a with a flame glazed marzipan top. It goes perfectly with a cup of tea. RRP: £6.00

Large Easter Cupcakes x2

Perfect cupcakes to share with you and your loved one this Easter. Lovingly presented in a cupcake giftbox, these vanilla cupcakes, topped with spring coloured icing and edible flower decoration, are the ideal gift for loved ones this Easter. RRP: £4.50


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